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Sunday Pray for the soon return of Jesus Christ. Marana Tha!
Monday Ariel Ministries (Missionary & Teacher Arnold Fruchtenbaum)
Good News Mission (Chaplain Harold Dimmitt)
Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa (Pastor Chuck Smith)

Please pray for Aloha Bible Net's web sites and hosts...

  • Matt & Jay (Mesopia)
  • Faldran (Jatol)
  • Ben (BGFWeb)
  • Aloha Bible Net
  • Biblebell
  • Bible Riches
  • Bible Study 101
  • Bible 411
  • ChapelWWW
  • Menorah jjjijjj
  • Romans1212
Wednesday Lanakila Baptist High School, Ewa HI
Children's House Christian School, Pearl City HI
Child Evangelism Fellowship of Hawaii
Thursday Pray for President Bush and other leaders of your nation, state, and city. In obedience to 1 Tim 2.1-3
Friday Dallas Theological Seminary
Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America - that they will stand firm in their moral and ethical standards
Saturday Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. In obedience to Psalm 122.6
Please pray for Jason, and for all the Christian brethren of *Jesus Youth* in Mumbai, India. They worship God, in the love of Jesus, even at the price of persecution. May God bless and keep them all.


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