33 Questions to Test Your Love

Part I: ReadMe


Beloved Agah
*Agah Petos* is the name we shall give to some person whom you love -- or whom you THINK you love. We'll call that person *Agah* for short.

Two Questions

  • #1 How MUCH do you love Agah?
  • #2 How MUCH does Agah love you?

God's Yardstick

  • To answer the above two questions, God gave you a Yardstick for measuring The Muchness of Love.
  • That Yardstick is quoted in the panel alongside.

God's Yardstick for Measuring Love...

  • Love suffers long and is kind
  • Love does not envy
  • Love does not parade itself, is not puffed up
  • Love does not behave rudely
  • Love does not seek its own
  • Love is not provoked
  • Love thinks no evil
  • Love does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth
  • Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
  • Love never fails.

1 Cor 13.4-8a

Part III of this page gives you a series of 33 Yes/No questions to ask yourself. Those questions will help you to...

  • Understand God's Yardstick for Love.
  • Measure the depth of your love for Agah.

On a scale of 0 to 100, keep score as you answer each of the 33 questions...

  • 100 means totally "Yes"
  • 0 means totally "No"
  P.S. You can also ask yourself those same questions about Agah's love for YOU -- that is, if you think you can accurately predict what is inside Agah's head and heart.

Part II of this page [the panels just beneath this one] show my own personal answers to the 33 questions listed in Part III. I answered them using my beloved wife of nearly 50 years as "Agah."

I tried hard to be honest BUT... I wonder what score my wife would give me?
Part II - Bellgamin's Scores [ ssssh]

1-60 2-70 3-99 4-100 5-100 6-80 7-100 8-99

9-55 10-75 11-90 12-75 13-85 14-100 15-100

16-99 17-100
  18-100 19-100 20-100!!! 21-70 22-95 23-95

24-100 25-100 26-95 27-70 28-99 29-80 30-85

31-99 32-100 33-100!!!

TOTAL = 2975 AVG = 90.2

Part III: Love Quiz

God's Yardstick
Love suffers long -- Hangs in there through hard times. Endures being hurt, without seeking to get even.
  • 1) Are you patient and calm with Agah, even when you are over-tired, irritated, or depressed?
  • 2) Are you patient and calm with Agah, even when Agah is being difficult or disgusting or mean or unreasonable?
God's Yardstick
Love is kind -- tender, compassionate, empathetic.
  • 3) Do you look for ways to help and encourage Agah?
  • 4) Do you administer Tender-Loving-Care to Agah, to heal Agah's spiritual and emotional wounds?
  • 5) Do you always seek to build up Agah's sense of security and self-worth.
God's Yardstick
Love does not envy
-- Not possessive. Not self-seeking. Not jealous or resentful of another's good fortune.
  • 6) Do you respect Agah's *personal space*, and allow Agah the freedom to make mistakes, and grow from them?
  • 7) Do you want to freely and joyfully share your time and worldly possessions with Agah?
  • 8) Would you rejoice if Agah "got all the credit" for a good achievement that you helped accomplish?
God's Yardstick
Love does not parade itself, is not puffed up
-- Not proud. Not anxious to impress Doesn't have inflated ideas of its own importance.
  • 9) Are you open and honest with Agah; do you NOT try to hide your errors and flaws from Agah?
  • 10) Do you freely share your deepest, innermost feelings [hopes, fears, worries, joys] with Agah, even when doing so might make you look weak or foolish?
  • 11) During a disagreement, is your main goal to achieve mutual understanding, rather than simply *winning the argument*?
God's Yardstick
Love does not behave rudely -- Always thoughtful and courteous in both word and deed.
  • 12) Do you always show respect and courtesy to Agah -- even at those times when Agah is NOT showing respect and courtesy to *you*?.
  • 13) Do you NOT shout at or threaten Agah?
  • 14) Do you NOT use vulgar or hurtful words toward Agah?
  • 15) Do you NOT say things that threaten Agah's sense of security or self-worth?
  • 16) Do you NOT belittle Agah's intelligence or judgment?
God's Yardstick
Love does not seek its own -- Not selfish or self-centered. Willingly makes sacrifices to meet another's needs.
  • 17) Do you never ever reveal Agah's flaws and foibles to a third party?
  • 18) Do you never ever intentionally embarrass Agah in front of others?
  • 19) Do you never ever reveal what Agah has told to you in confidence?
  • 20) Would you risk your life or health or reputation for Agah -- even if Agah did not *deserve* such loyalty from you? Would you REALLY?
God's Yardstick
Love is not provoked -- No "chip on the shoulder." Not touchy. Not easily angered. Has a loooong fuse.
  • 21) Are you NOT supersensitive or easily offended by Agah?
  • 22) Do you listen to what Agah says, and NOT try to read Agah's mind?
  • 23) Do you NOT look for hidden meanings or innuendoes behind Agah's statements?
God's Yardstick
Love thinks no evil -- Keeps no record of wrongs. Has a very short memory of another's mis-deeds. What is forgiven is truly forgotten.
  • 24) When Agah confesses a wrong and asks forgiveness, are you quick to forgive?
  • 25) When Agah seeks your forgiveness, do you NOT require Agah to grovel -- to say "I'm sorry" again & again & again -- before you will forgive Agah?
  • 26) Is it true that, when you forgive Agah for a wrong, you never ever mention that wrong again?
God's Yardstick
Love does not rejoice in iniquity -- Doesn't gloat over the wickedness of others. Doesn't rejoice when others "get what's coming to them.
  • 27) Do you NOT make excuses for your wrongs and weaknesses, even when Agah has done those same wrongs or has those same weaknesses?
  • 28) If Agah treats you badly or unfairly, and someone catches Agah doing it, do you NOT gloat over Agah's embarrassment and pain?
God's Yardstick
Love rejoices in the truth -- Is glad with all people when truth and righteousness prevail. Takes joy in honor and honesty.
  • 29) Do you readily accept it when Agah reveals true but ugly facts about yourself or your beliefs?
  • 30) When you discover a helpful truth, do you reveal it to Agah, even when doing so might damage your reputation in Agah's eyes?
God's Yardstick
Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things -- Love knows no limit to its endurance. No end to its trust. No fading of its hope. Always protects. Always perseveres. 
  • 31) Do you continue to give love and kindness to Agah, even when Agah is being mean and unloving toward you?
  • 32) Do you defend Agah when doing so can make you unpopular or even put you in danger?
God's Yardstick
Love never fails -- Love is, in fact, the ONE thing that still stands when all else has fallen. Love has no end. 
  • 33) Are you fully committed to work through any and all problems that might come up in your relationship with Agah?


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