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Biological Terrorism
Should I be afraid to fly?

Biological Terrorism


Does Bible prophecy have anything to say about the threat of terrorists using biological attacks?

Bible Bell's Reply
The primary Bible prophecy that might relate to biological warfare is quoted alongside.

In this prophecy, "pestilences" translates the Greek word loimos, Strong's #3061...

  • Strong's defines loimos as "a plague"
  • Vine's Expository Dictionary defines loimos as "any deadly infectious malady"

And Jesus answered and said to them...

  • Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.
  • There will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.
  • All these are the beginning of sorrows.

Luke 21.10-11 (see also Mt 24.7)

Bible Bell is unqualified to discuss biological warfare. The gist of what we found by BRIEFLY researching the topic is as follows...

  • The four main biological threats are anthrax, smallpox, botulism and the plague.
  • Anthrax, plague, and botulism are treatable if caught early enough. There is presently no known cure for smallpox.
  • Anthrax and botulism are not contagious. Plague and smallpox can spread rapidly from human to human.
  • All four of these diseases can be cultured fairly inexpensively in the laboratory. continued =>
  • Many experts consider anthrax to be the likely weapon of choice for a terrorist attack.
  • In addition to being lethal, the anthrax bacterium can easily be grown into sizeable doses. It can be stored almost indefinitely, either as a watery paste or as a dry powder.
  • Scientists are now working to develop vaccines against anthrax, plague, and botulism.
  • There is ALREADY an effective vaccination against smallpox. Many older Americans were vaccinated in their youth. The vaccination is seldom given nowadays because the disease is considered to have been eradicated.

Back in the early days of the Cold War with the USSR, the big bugaboo was the fear of radioactive fall-out from a nuclear attack.

  • Many Americans built fall-out shelters in their backyards. These shelters turned out to be a waste of time and money. Thank you Lord!

The bioterrorism equivalent of a fall-out shelter is a "safe room." Many homes in Israel have them.

  • A safe room is a place in one's home where the family can temporarily "hole up" in the event of biological attack.
  • A safe room is set up by sealing a room's windows with sheets of clear plastic and duct tape, so as to make it as airtight as possible. The room is then stocked with short-term supplies of food, water, first aid kits, & batteries; plus flashlights, transistor radios, etc.

The BEST DEFENSE is, of course, faith and prayer...

  • Faith that God will not allow ANY type of attack -- nuclear, biological, or otherwise -- to result in mass destruction of the human race.
  Unless those days (of tribulation, terrorism, and mass murder) were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect's sake those days will be shortened. Mt 24.22
  • Faith that the mass violence, hatred, and murders now manifesting throughout the world are strong signals that the Lord will SOON return and intervene.

And Jesus answered and said to them...

  • Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.
  • There will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.
  • All these are the beginning of sorrows.

When these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.

Luke 21.10-11, 21.28 (see also Mt 24.7)

  • Prayer that God will strengthen our faith and heal us from fear.
  Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4.6-7
  • Prayer that God will bless and heal America.

If My people who are called by My name
Will humble themselves, and pray
And seek My face,
And turn from their wicked ways,
Then I will hear from heaven,
And will forgive their sin and heal their land.
A promise spoken by God: 2 Chron 7.14

  • Prayer for the defeat of those who would bring war and destruction upon the world.

Let those be put to shame and brought to dishonor who seek after my life.
Let those be turned back and brought to confusion who plot my hurt.
Let them be like chaff before the wind.
Let the angel of the LORD chase them.
Let their way be dark and slippery.
Let the angel of the LORD pursue them.

Without cause they have hidden their net for me in a pit, which they have dug without cause for my life.

Let destruction come upon them unexpectedly.
Let their net that they have hidden catch themselves.
Into that very destruction let them fall.
Psalm 35.4-8

  • Prayer for the soon return of Jesus.
  • Maran atha!

Jesus who testifies to these things says,
"Surely I am coming quickly."

Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.
Rev 22.20-21

Should I be afraid to fly?


Because of what happened on September 11, 2001, I am now afraid to fly.
Can you give me some Bible verses that will help me to be less afraid?

Bible Bell's Reply
God is a "frequent flyer!"

God is a passenger on EVERY airplane that carries one of His children.

Where can I go from God's Spirit?
Or where can I flee from God's presence?
If I ascend into heaven, God is there.
If I make my bed in hell, behold, God is there.
If I take the wings of the morning,
Or dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea,
Even there God's hand shall lead me,
And God's right hand shall hold me.
Psalm 139.7-10

Let's say that you are flying to Denver, for example...

God's presence aboard the aircraft guarantees that you WILL have a safe landing...

  • You may land in Denver, OR
  • You may land in your true homeland of heaven.
  • Either way, God will see to it that you arrive safely at your destination.
  Our citizenship is in heaven Philippians 3.20a

For we know that if our earthly house, this tent, is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.
2 Cor 5.1

You are ALWAYS just one step -- one heartbeat -- away from heaven.

  • This is true whether you are traveling from New York to California, or merely traveling from your bedroom to the kitchen for a glass of water.
  • It is not "fatalism" but FAITH whereby you can feel eternally secure while traveling.
  For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Cor 5.7
Since God was "a passenger" on the four flights that crashed on September 11, why didn't He STOP these acts of violence and murder?

Bible Bell does not know the answer to this question. But we DO know this...
  (Jesus said...) In the world you (Christians) will have tribulation. John 16.33b
  • It was not "fate" or "karma" that decreed the many deaths on September 11. It was solely the work of evil people doing evil deeds that are an abomination unto God!
  • Those senseless murders cannot in any way be called a "holy war" (jihad).
  • In the eyes of God the terrorists are UNholy and evil and sinful in the extreme.
  • Moreover, their acts of murder and violence were done in direct defiance to the express will of God!
  You shall not murder. Exod 20.13

Whoever sheds man's blood, by man his blood shall be shed; for in the image of God He made man.
Gen 9.6

He who strikes a man so that he dies shall surely be put to death.
Exod 21.12
  • To offer haven to a terrorist-murderer is an act of direct defiance to the express will of God.
  If anyone hates his neighbor, lies in wait for him, rises against him and strikes him mortally, so that he dies, and he flees to one of these cities, then the elders of his city shall send and bring him from there, and deliver him over to the hand of the avenger of blood, that he may die. Deu 19.11-12
  • Each and every person who is responsible for these murders WILL one day stand before the judgment seat of God.
  • These terrorists cannot hide from God. Not a single one of them will escape His judgment. NOT one!
  ...For it is written, "Vengeance is Mine. I will repay!" says the Lord. Rom 12.19b

But You, O God, shall bring them down to the pit of destruction. Bloodthirsty and deceitful men shall not live out half their days.
Psalm 55.23a

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
Heb 10.31

America is establishing stern security procedures for air travel. Bible Bell doesn't know what those measures will include. In our OPINION...

  • Pilots will be armed and securely locked in their cockpits. They will have "panic buttons."
  • Armed Air Marshals will be on most flights.
  • Air Traffic Controllers will instantly report any aircraft that deviates, even slightly, from precise routes and procedures.
  • Fighter jets will be on stand-by alert at all times. As a last resort, they will shoot.
  • Passengers will not sit still for hi-jackers. They will fight! continued in next column =>

America's airlines and airplane manufacturers are in deep financial difficulty...

  • If you need to travel, it is an act of patriotism and faith to do so.
  • Resuming normal travel is an act of defiance against terrorism!
  • Christians must take the lead in resuming normal travel. Why? Because we know that no one -- no one! -- can stop US from safely arriving home! Amen






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