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Things to consider when naming a child...

The name should sound nice. The Bible name Abialbon has a good meaning ("father of understanding") but it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it?

The name should have a pleasant meaning.

  • Be sure you look up any name's meaning before hanging it on your child. Or ring the e-mail Bell and I'll check it out for you.

The short form of the name should also be pleasant.

  • For example, "Hagar" is an okay Bible name for a girl. The problem is, little Hagar's schoolmates might tease her by calling her "the hag."
  • In school, I had a pal named Enos. Enos hated his name because kids always rhymed it with a particular part of the male anatomy.

The name should be special, but not out-and-out weird.

  • When I went to school, there were always several boys in my class named Robert -- which made me GLAD my parents had not chosen that name for me.
  • On the other hand, weird names are a real burden to kids. When I was young there was a very popular book called "Little Lord Fauntleroy," which was later made into a movie. I knew a poor kid whose parents stuck him with Fauntleroy as a first name. OUCH!
  • It's also best to avoid names which aren't sufficiently gender specific, such as Frances or Francis.

Send in your suggestions...

If your favorite Bible name has been omitted from the list, please ring the e-mail Bell and we will be happy to consider adding it. (We will give the name's meaning if you don't happen to know it.)

Names for Girls


Abana Stony; constant; dependable
Abi My father
Abidah, Abida My father has knowledge
Abiel My Father is God
Abigail The joy of her father; the father is joyful - shortens to Abby or Gail.
Abital The father is dew; father of dew
Adah, Ada Ornament; bedecked; adorned
Adina To be soft or pleasant; voluptuous; given to pleasures
Adriel My shepherd is God
Aednah [pronounced "edna"] Delightful, pleasant. Aednah is the feminine of the Hebrew word Eden, as in "Garden of Eden."
Ajalon, Aijalon Place of gazelles; deer field
Alexandra, Alexis, Alexa, Cassandra Defender of mankind - fem. of Alexander- Mk 15.21, Acts 4.6
Aliana (or Alvana) highest; my surpassing - fem. of Alian - 1 Chr 1.40
Alpha First letter of the Greek alphabet
Amanah [or Amana] Permanent; constant; steadfast - Strong's #549
Amariah {Amari for short} The saying of Yah{weh}; Yah{weh} said
Amethyst I shall be brought back (as from a dream)
Amzi Robust; my strength
Ananiah Whom Yah(weh) covers & protects (shortens to Anna)
Anna She was gracious - Greek equivalent of Hannah
Apphia {AF-fee-ah} A dear one; fruitful; productive
Arbah, Arba Foursquare; upright
Aridatha Noble birth; lion of the decree
Ariel Lion of God
Ashriel, Asriel Vow of God; blessed of God
Asiel Created by God
Atarah A crown
Ava Perverted
Azaliah Whom YaH(WeH) has reserved; whom YaH(WeH) has set aside (Strong's #683)
Bashemath Fragrant; pleasant smelling
Bathsheba Daughter of an oath
Bealiah Possessed of Yah(weh)
Berea Steadfast; beyond
Bernice Bringer of victory
Bethany House of unripe figs - Bethany is where Jesus ascended to heaven after His resurrection.
Bethel House of God
Bethesda House of mercy
Bethlehem House of bread
Beulah Married
Bithiah {bith-I-ah} Daughter of Yah(weh)
Cana Eager; zealous; up-standing
Candace A sting (?) - a dynastic title of Ethiopian queens.
Carmel Fruitful field
Carshena A lamb; slender
Casiphia Longing for YaH(WeH); silvery
Charis, Caris, Karis, Carys Grace -- Strong's #5485 <charis> is the New Testament Greek word that is translated (depending on context): "grace, acceptable, benefit, favor, gift, gracious, joy, liberality, pleasure"
Cherith, Kerith Brook; cutting - The brook where Elijah was fed by ravens
Chloe Verdant; fruitful
Christiana, Christina, Kristiana, Kristina Follower of Christ; believer in Christ
Clementina Merciful; kind (feminine of "Clement" - Philippians 4.3)
Claudia Lame; crippled (from the Latin clan name claudius)
Cornelia Like a horn; the ray of the sun
Damaris, Damara Gentle
Darda Dwelling of knowledge
Deborah Honey bee
Delilah Delicate; weakened (Strong's #1807 = languishing || Brown - Driver - Briggs #H1807 = weakened; brought low)
Dimnah Dung hill
Dinah Judgment; one who judges
Dodavah Beloved of Yah(weh)
Dorcas Gazelle
Dorothy, Dorothea Gift of God - from the NT words "dorea" (gift) and "Theos" (God), as used in John 4.10, for example.
Drusilla Gentle-eyed; dewey-eyed
Eden Delight
Elasah God has wrought
Elealeh God ascended
Elisabeth, Elizabeth God of the oath; God of the 7; God of the covenant; fullness of God (Greek form of Elisheba)
Eliadah, Eliada Whom God acknowledges & cares about; known of God
Eliana, Eliane, Elia God-YaHWeh; my God is YaHWeh; YaHWeH is God - feminine form of "Elias/Elijah"
Elisheba God is her oath; my God has sworn (promised)
Emmanuel, Emma God is with us
Emunah (em-oo-nah) Faith; faithful; steadfast - from Strong's #530, as used in verses such as Hab 2.4, 1 Sam 26.23, Psalm 36.5
Esther A Persian name meaning "star"
Eulogia (yew-log-EE-ah) Praise
Eunice Happy victory
Euodia (yew-OH-de-ah)
("Euodias" in KJV)
Success; prosperous journey; a sweet smell
Euphrates Fruitfulness
Eve Life giver
Ezrah Help; helper; helpmate (from Strong's #5833) -- See analysis HERE
Gabriella Feminine of Gabriel (man of God) - pronounced GAH-bree-el-la
Galatia (ga-LAY-sha) A region in Asia - recipient of book of Galatians
Galilee A circle - the Sea of Galilee was a lovely, special place to Jesus
Genesis Generation; beginning - shortens to Jenny
Gethsemane Oil-press - the Garden of Gethsemane was where Lord Jesus prayed, on the night before His crucifixion
Grace A gift from God; God's kindness; God's forgiveness; God's salvation granted to a person who deserves condemnation. See Rom 5.8.

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