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Names for Girls


Hadashah Renewel
Hadassah Myrtle tree - Hebrew name of Esther
Hali Jewel; necklace; ornament
Hannah She is gracious; gracious gift (from God)
Hasadiah Love of YaH(WeH); whom YaH(WeH) loves
Hatita My sin removed
Hephzibah My delight is in her
Hosannah Oh save us!
Imla, Imlah God will fulfill
Imnah, Jimnah Prosperity & success (as betokened by the right hand)
Irene, Eirene Peace
Ithra Excellence; abundance
Jada Wise; the one who knows
Jael (JAH-el) Climber; gazelle; ibex
Jahdiel (JAH-dee-el) Yah(weh) will make glad
Jahziel (JAH-zee-el) (The one) whom God allots; God distributes
Janoah One who gives rest; one who brings quietness
Japhia (jah-PHI-ah) Splendid; shining; bringer of brightness
Japhlet Delivered; set free
Japho (JAH-fo) Beauty; comeliness
Jarah Honeycomb
Jasiel Created by God
Jedidah Beloved
Jeriel May God teach - shortens to Jeri
Jemimah (Jemima) Dove - one of Job's beautiful daughters Job 42.14
Jerusha Inheritance; possession
Joanna (Johanna) Yah(WeH) is gracious Giver; Gift from YaH(WeH)
Jochebed (JO-kah-bed) glory of YaH(WeH); YaH(WeH) is her glory
Joel (Joelle, Joella) YaH(WeH) is God
Joiada (JOY-a-dah) Known by YaH(WeH)
Jordan Their descent - the river where Jesus was baptized
Jubilee Sound of silver trumpets - Trumpets signaled the start of the Jubilee festival. Hence, "sound of trumpets" became the name of the festival itself. From Strong's Hebrew #3104
Judith Praise
Julia Having soft & curly hair
Junia, Junias Youthful
Kanah (KAY-nah) Reeds; place of reeds
Kartah Her calling; her meeting place
Katharine, Kathleen Pure This name is based on the Bible word "katharos" which means "pure." It is used many times in the New Testament. Examples: Mt 5.8, 1 Tim 1.4, Titus 1.15
Keilah (KY-lah) Fortress; citadel (7084)
Keren A horn, a flask (7161)
Keren-Happuch A flask of cosmetics (7161 + 6320) - one of Job's beautiful daughters Job 42.14
Keturah Incense
Keziah, Ketsiah Cassia tree - one of Job's beautiful daughters
Job 42.14
Kitron Burn incense (as a sacrifice)
Kolaiah (ko-LA-yah) Voice of YaH(WeH)
Kore (KOH-re) Partridge
Kuria, Kyra, Kyria New Testament word meaning "lady"- as used in 2 John 1.1

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