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Names for Girls


Laadah (LA-a-dah) For adornment; festival
Lael Belonging to God; unto God; of God
Lasha (LAY-shah) A fissure. By inference: a bubbling (artesian) spring; a hot spring (ref. to comments on Gen 10.19 HERE)
Leah Weary; a wild cow
Lebanah Moon; white
Lois No retreat; no flight; famous in battle (feminine form of the name Louis)
Lucia, Lucille, Lucinda,
Lucetta, Lucina
A light; bright; white - fem. of Luke/Lucas
Lydia A lovely name with several meanings: (1) a standing pool, (2) firebrand, (3) from Lydia - a region of Asia
Macedonia Tall; extended; a region of Greece
Magdalene, Magda The tower
Magdiel (MAHG-de-el) Praise of God; precious one of God;; chosen fruit of God
Malachi (MAL-ah-kai) My messenger; my angel
Martha Provoking; lady or mistress
Maresha, Mareshah Leader; summit; headship
Mary, Maria, Miriam Obstinate; stubborn; rebellious {analysis HERE}
Mathea (mah-THEH-yah) Gift of YaH(WeH) - fem. of Matthew
Medeba Waters of rest (quiet)
Mehetabel God's best
Mehida Allegorist; sharpness of wit
Melatiah (mel-ah-TI-ah) YaH(WeH) has set free; freed by YaH(WeH)
Melea, Meleah, Meleas My dear friend; person cared for
Melicu Counselor
Melita Of honey
Mesha (MEE-sha) Salvation; deliverance
Michaiah, Micah, Micaiah, Micha, Michah "Who is like YaH(WeH)?" {analysis HERE}
Michal A brook or streamlet; water container
Miriam, Mary, Maria Obstinate; stubborn; rebellious {analysis HERE}
Mishal Prayer; inquiring (of God)
Mithcah Sweetness; sweet fountain; pleasantness
Mizpah Watch tower; beacon
Moriah (mo-RI-ah) Instructed by YaH(Weh); seen by YaH(Weh)
Myra Myrtle tree; myrrh
Naamah (NAY-ah-mah) Sweetness; pleasant; agreeable
Naarah (NAY-ah-rah) Damsel; handmaiden (of God)
Nahamani (nay-ha-MAHN-e) Comforter; bringer of solace and comfort
Naomi My delight; my pleasantness
Nazarene, Nazareth Branch; preservation
Neah (NAY-ah) Wanderer
Neginah Harp-song; stringed instrument
Nicole, Nicola Victory for the people
Olympas Heavenly; celestial (Rom 16.15)
Omega (oh-MEH-gah) Finality (last letter in the Greek alphabet)
Palestina Wanders; wallows in dust
Pamphylia (pam-FIL-e-ah) All tribes; all sorts (a coastal region in southern Asia Minor)
Paradise A park or garden; an Eden; heaven
Peninnah (pe-NI-nah) A ruby
Phenicia Palm tree
Phoebe, Phebe Pure; bright; shining
Priscilla or Prisca Little old woman
Puah Splendor, splendid light (Exod 1.15; Strong's Heb 6326)
Rachel A female sheep (ewe)
Ramiah (rah-MI-ah) YaH(WeH) is exalted; exalted of YaH(WeH)
Rebekah or Rebecca Loops of a rope
Rhoda A rose
Rinnah Joyful shout (i.e., joy of the parents)
Rissah Morning dew; watering
Ruhamah Compassionate; having obtained mercy
Ruth Satisfied; female companion
Sachia, Sakia, Sakya, Shachia Captive of Yah(weh); return of Yah(weh)
Salome Peaceable {analysis HERE}
Samaria Watch-mountain; guardianship; guardian
Sarah, Sara, Sarai Princess
Selah (SEH-lah) Pause and consider; meditate; a musical interlude
Shalisha Three-fold; triangle; thrice
Sharon Level -When used as a person's name, sharon denotes levelness of character, as in righteous and honest.
Sheba A solemn vow; an oath; seven
Shelah (SHE-lah) Quietness; peace; prayer (request)
Shelomi My peace; peaceable - shortens to Shelly
Shemariah (she-ma-RI-ah) Guarded by YaH(WeH)
Sherah (SHE-rah) A close relation; near kinship
Shiloh Peace bringer; bringer of prosperity
Shiza (SHY-zah) Splendor
Sia Moving; congregation
Sophia Wisdom {see analysis HERE}
Susanna, Susan Lily
Syntyche (sin-TI-khay) Well-met; fortunate
Tabitha Gazelle
Talitha A girl; damsel
Tamah Laughter; you will be fat (i.e., be filled with inner joy)
Tamar, Tamara Palm tree
Theodora God's gift - from the NT words "dorea" (gift) and "Theos" (God), as used in John 4.10, for example.
Tirzah Delight; she will delight
Tryphena, Tryphosa Dainty; luxurious
Vashti Why do you feast? (or) Beautiful woman - a Persian name; per Esther 1.9: Vashti was wife/queen to King Ahasuerus.
Zelah Rib; side-place (e.g., a place located on the side of a mountain)
Zemira, Zemirah Song; melody; causing singing
Zoe (zo-AY) Life Strong's #2222; e.g. John 14.6 "I am... the life <zoe>"
Zillah Shadow; shady place - "shady place" infers a cool, refreshing oasis for resting from the heat of the sun.
Zimrah Melody; psalm (Strong's #2172, Hebrew lexicon)
Zion Fortress; monument
Zipporah (zi-POH-rah) Sparrow

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