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Names for Boys


Hamath Citadel; fortress; wall to defend from wrath
Hanan Gracious giver
Haran Mountaineer; very high; strong
Hazael He who sees God
Hazaiah {ha-za-I-ah} He who YaH(WeH) watches over
Hebron Communion; joining together; friendship
Hezekiah Strengthened by Yah(weh)
Hiram Exaltation of life; consecration
Immanuel, Emmanuel with us is God
Isaac He shall laugh; laughter
Isaiah Yah(weh) is salvation
Ishmael God hears
Ishtob Good man
Ismachiah (is-mah-KAI-ah) Yah(weh) will uphold
Ismaiah (is-MAY-ah) Yah(weh) will hear
Israel Prince with God; strives with God; prevails with God
Ithiel God is with me; God is near
Jaazaniah (ja-AHZ-ah-NIGH-ya) Yah(weh) will listen; Yah(weh) will harken
Jabal Flowing; river
Jachin; Jakin He {God} will strengthen or establish
Jacob Heel-catcher; supplanter
Jadon Whom God will judge; he will be judged; thankful (one)
Jahaziah (jah-ha-ZAI-ah) He will see YaH(WeH); he whom YaH(WeH) watches over
Jahaziel (ja-HAY-zi-el) He will see God; he whom God watches over
Jahmai He whom YaH(WeH) protects
Jairus He will enlighten
Jalon (JAY-lon) He will abide; he will persist
James Greek form of Jacob (heel-catcher; supplanter)
Jamin The right hand {more information HERE}
Janna He will answer (?)
Janoah One who gives rest; one who brings quietness
Japheth Enlargement; let him enlarge; let him spread out
Jared A descender. Descent. One who descends.
Jaresiah (jah-reh-SEE-ah) Nourishment (honey) provided by YaH(WeH)
Jarmuth High; height; he will be exalted (lifted up)
Jasher Righteous; just
Jason 1- Yah(weh) is salvation (from eason, the Greek form of the Hebrew name, "Joshua") 2- About to heal (from iason, the future active participle masculine of Strong's #2390)
Javan Effervescent: by inference- high-spirited; active {more information HERE}
Jedidiah Beloved of Yah(weh)
Jehoiakim, Joachim, Joaquin, Yakim YaH(WeH) will raise up; YaH(WeH) will set up
Jehoram YaH(WeH) is exalted
Jeremiah, Jeremy Yah(weh) will rise; Yah(weh) will exalt; Yah(weh) will establish
Jeriah Yah(weh) will teach
Jericho His fragrance
Jeshaiah, Jeshiah YaH(WeH) has saved
Jeshua, Jeshuah YaH(WeH) is salvation
Jesse Yah(weh) exists; of Him who is
Jethro Excellence; preeminence
Jezreel (JEZ-ree-el) Planted by God; God sows
Joab (JO-ab) YaH(WeH) is Father
Job (rhymes with "robe") He who cries; the cry of woe; he who weeps
Joel Yah(weh) is God
Joash Yah(weh) has given; Yah(weh) has helped
Johanan, Johannan, Jonathan, John Yah(weh) is gracious giver; Yah(weh) has given. Greek equvalent is "John."
Jonah Dove
Jordan Their descent. The river where Jesus was baptized.
Joshua, Jehoshua Yah(weh) is salvation - Hebrew form of the name "Jesus"
Joseph May Yah(weh) add; Yah(weh) gives increase
Josiah Yah(weh) heals; Yah(weh) sustains
Jotham (JO-tham) YaH(WeH) is upright; YaH(WeH) is perfect
Jubal Joyful sound; music; trumpet
Jude or Judah He (God) shall be praised!
Julius or Julian Curly-haired; youthful (by inference); descended from Jehovah (when derived from Jovilios)
Justus Just; righteous; fair; equitable
Kadesh (KAY-desh) Sanctified; holiness
Kadmiel God is eternal; God of eternity
Kedar (KEE-dar) Dark-skinned; black skin
Kemuel Congregation of God; established by God
Kenan (KEE-nan) One who constructs; creator; owner; purchaser
Kir (KIHR) Fortress; wall
Kohath Assembly; congregation; obedient
Korah Bald; ice; frost {more information HERE}

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