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Names for Boys


Laban (LAY-ban) White; glorious
Lazarus God has helped
Lemuel Devoted unto God
Levi Joined
Linus Linen; flax
Luke / Lucas / Lucius A light; bright; white
Lysanias (li-SA-nee-ahs) One who drives away sorrow; the end of sadness
Malachi (MAL-ah-kai) My messenger; my angel
Malchiel (MAL-ke-el) God is my king
Malchiah (mal-KI-ah) YaH(WeH) is my King
Malchus Kingly; counselor
Manasseh Causing to forget
Manoah Rest
Marcus A defense; large hammer
Mark (from Latin: Marcus) a form of "Mars," the god of war
Matthew (Mattithiah, Mattathias, Matthias) Gift of Yah(weh)
Menahem Comforter
Methuselah When he is dead it shall be sent; man of a javelin
Michael Who is like God?
Micah (Micaiah, Micha) Who is like Yah(weh)?
Moses (Mose, Moshe) Saved out (of the water); drawn out
Naaman Pleasant; delight; agreeable
Nadab (NAY-dab) Volunteer; the willing one
Nahaliel River of God; valley of God
Naham Comforter
Nathan Gift; given; a giver
Nathanael, Nathaniel Given of God
Nedabiah (ned-ah-BI-ah) YaH(WeH) is bountiful;
Nehemiah Comfort of Yah(weh)
Neriah (neh-RI-ah) My lamp is YaH(WeH)
Nicodemas, Nicolas, Nicholas Victory for the people
Niger (NI-jur) Black
Noah Rest
Obadiah Serving Yah(weh)
Obed Serving; worshiping
Omar Eloquent; talkative
Onesimus (oh-NES-i-mus) Worthwhile; profitable
Oren Pine tree; tall and strong
Othniel Force of God; well-speaking of God
Pagiel God answers; God meets
Parmenus Standing firm; faithful; one who abides
Patrobus In his father's footsteps
Paul Small; little
Pediah Redeemed by YaH(WeH)
Perez, Peres Divided; separated; a rift
Peter A stone
Philemon loving
Philetus Beloved
Philip Lover of horses
Prochorus (PRO-chor-us) Choreographer, choirmaster (Acts 6.5)
Rama, Ramah High place; a hill
Ramiah YaH(WeH) is high
Raphael God heals; God has healed
Rei friend (of God); my friend; friendly
Reuben Behold, a son!
Reuel (reh-oo-ALE) Friend of God; God is a Friend; God is (my) Shepherd
Rufus Red
Salathiel I have asked of God
Salem At peace; complete
Samuel His name (is) of God
Saul Asked (of God)
Sergius A wonderful birth; earth-born
Seth (he is) Appointed
Shalom Peace
Shalem At peace
Shaphan Prudent. It is also the Hebrew word for the coney or rock badger, as in Lev 11.5.
Shecaniah (shek-a-NAI-ah) Dwelling place of Yah(WeH)
Shem A name; a celebrated name
Shemaiah Yah(weh) has heard
Shiloh Peace bringer; bringer of prosperity
Silas (From sylvanus) A woods or forest
Simon or Simeon Harkening; He who hears
Sirion Breastplate; little prince {more information HERE}
Solomon Peaceableness
Stephen or Steven A crown, usually made of the leaves of a tree
Tartan Release the dragon; military general or chief
Tekoa, Tekoah Trumpet blast; sound of trumpet
Thaddeus, Thaddaeus Large-hearted (hence "courageous"); child of one's bosom.
Theophilus Friend of God; lover of God
Thomas A twin
Timon Honorable
Timotheus / Timothy Honoring God
Titus {Tytus, Ty} Latin- probably means "one who nurtures; a caregiver"
Tobiah / Tobias Goodness of Yah(weh); pleasing to Yah(weh)
Trophimus Well-educated; nourishment
Uriah, Urias My light is Yah(weh)
Uzziah My strength is Yah(weh)
Vaniah (vahn-yah) YaH(WeH) has answered (BDB #H2057 from #H6043)
Zachariah, Zechariah, Zachary Remembered by Yah(weh)
Zadok Justified (by God); righteous; upright
Zebadiah [Hebrew] or
Endowed by Yah(weh); Yah(weh) is my gift
Zebulun Dwelling place; habitation
Zelotes (ze-LO-teze) Rib; side (i.e., a place located on the side of a mountain)
Zephaniah Treasured by Yah(weh)
Zimri My Psalm
Zion Fortress; desert

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