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Page 23 A goodnight kiss for God - loving God
Lord, take away pain! - concerning pain & suffering
Woman's work is never done - a tribute to mothers
Born 2X | Die 1X
- dealing with family quarrels
How to see God
Page 22 FICA blues?
Each dog his day, then fly away
- concerning death
Make straight the way of the Lord!

Reflections on a *really baaad* day at the sweat shop
A puke, a ballad, a beard, a whistle, then... eternity

And the dead in Christ shall rise first
No fool like an old fool - it's best to be saved while you're young
Page 21 Wings of the Wind
That God May Make you Wise
The Nicolaitan Contrast - decrying religious pomp
Till death do us part - golden wedding anniversay
A plea to preachers of social gospel & psycho-babble
Yokata! - Seeking & finding God
Page 20 Someone NEEDS a hug!
Kiana-chan - beloved grand-child
How to tell an eagle from a turkey

A Woman's Prayer at Westminster Abbey
As ye smoke, so shall ye reek - on habits & addictions
The man, the gin, & the fox - Genesis 1.28
The hour is coming! - on growing old
Family Treasures - for grandparents
Page 19 A Mother's Gift
Prayer is... holding hands with Abba!
Path to discipleship
Repair Kit
Mouth-a-tosis & Ear-neurosis
Page 18 To Find Your King
Pro Choice?
Quo Vadis?
Dying to be forgiven
Page 17 Prayers for keeping on
Daily bath - Staying in fellowship with God
Speak in haste -- Repent at leisure

Hug me? Yes. Smother me? NO!
Warts, f_ _ts, and all!
Remember - not everyone has a *Happy* New Year
Page 16 Good tidings of great joy! Luke 2.8-14
Suggested Christmas gifts from you to God
Christmas gift from God to you
Beastly Christmas Testimonials
Christmas 2001 -- Bells & Cannons!
Page 15 Old Glory
American Heritage
The Trumpet Sounds - Shall we not defend ourselves?
The message of the mobs - protests & demonstrations
Invitation to ground zero
Rebuilding New York
Don't Tread on Me - a remembrance of 9-11
Page 14 America the Beautiful
To Weep Together
Born Again!

Fruit Farmer
Deep Water Sailor
Showers of Blessing
Prayer Power
Jeff's poems A Bothersome Flight Attendant (At your fingertips)
When Will I See Them Again? (I miss my friends)
Page 13 Garden rendezvous
Who can smile? YOU can!
How Can You Visit Jesus?

In pain you shall bring forth children
In God We Trust

Your church, my church, God's church (denominations)
The last of life, for which the first was made
Page 12 Apostasy 2001
In Times of Need

Father's Day - 2001
What God Hath Joined Together

Though He Slay Me
Page 11 How Long, O God?
Who Will Lend to God?
Not My Will, but Thine
Behold the Lamb!
The Priceless Gift is... Price-less!
Ballad of the Goodly Fere
Page 10 Light Shining Out of Darkness
The Open Door
Happiness contrasted to Joy
God with You
Out in the Fields With God
I Know Something Good About You
Page 9 Olio of Short but Sweet
Christmas 2000
On Being a Parent
Silencing the Serpent
Pig Tale
Love Thy Neighbor
Page 8 Tempus Fugit
Which Way to Raise a Child?
Which Teacher Do You Choose?
Which Light Do You Choose?
The Carpenter's Son
Signals from Outer Space
Faith, Perseverance, Courage
Politics & The Economy
Page 7 Christian Unity
Dying, Death, & Resurrection
In Times of Trouble
God (as an art Critic)
In God We Trust
Page 6 Thy Inner Child
The Assyrian King Beseiges Jerusalem
Father's Day 2000
The Voice of God
My Prayer Closet
Before & After the Wedding Ceremony
Page 5 How to be a winsome winner
The twilight side of life's hill
- On growing old

Guardian Angels- God's love for kids
A New Page
Sowing Seeds
The Garden of God
God Bless You!
Page 4 Waiting for the shout!
The face of God
The Hidden Line of No Return
Chastisement and Suffering
The Voice and the Words
Page 3 No turning back
Too Late
If I had Known
To a Friend
The Friend who Just Stands By
Husband and Wife
The Human Touch
Page 2 Tree of life -faith in Jesus
Baa-baa backslider
In God's name, put my hands to work
-plea of the unemployed
How to be beautiful

The Little Lost Sheep
As a Little Child
Methuselah - on the light side
Page 1 At Home with the Master -longing to be with God
Mustard seed faith
Which church for you?
Jesus Lord
The Kid
Tree of Life
Good Morning, God

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