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Would'a Could'a Should'a
Restricted Reading!
Worried? God says: "Forget Me not!
Your secret foe -- Revealed!

Independence Day, 2004
Honeymoon 101
No such thing as a "Worry Bird"
Marana Tha!

Would'a Could'a Should'a

To him who knows to do good and does not do it,
To him it is sin.
James 4.17

2- It isn't the thing you do;
It's the thing you leave undone,
That gives you a bit of a heartache
At the setting of the sun.

The tender word forgotten,
The letter you did not write,
The flowers you might have sent,
Are your haunting ghosts tonight.

The stone you might have lifted
Out of a brother's way,
The bit of heartfelt counsel
You were hurried too much to say.



3- The loving touch of your hand,
The gentle and winsome tone,
That you had no time or thought for
With "
troubles enough of your own."

The little acts of kindness,
So easily out of mind;
Those chances to be helpful
That everyone may find --

No, it's not the thing that you do,
It's the thing you leave undone,
That gives you the bit of heartache
At the setting of the sun.
"The Sin of Omission" by Margaret E. Sangster

Restricted Reading!
(For sinners only)

1- God helps us learn from our mistakes,
To strive, to fail, to start again,
To taste the tempting fruit of sin,
And find what bitter food it makes.

To miss the path, to go astray,
To wander blindly in the night.
But searching, praying for the light,
Until at last we find the way.

And looking back along the past,
We know we needed all the strain
Of fear and doubt and strife and pain
To make us value peace, at last.

Who fails finds later triumph sweet.
Who stumbles once walks then with care,
And knows the place to cry "Beware!"
To other unaccustomed feet.

Through strife the slumbering soul awakes
We learn on error's troubled route
The truths we could not prize without
The sorrow of our sad mistakes.

"Mistakes" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox


2- If we say that we have no sin,
We deceive ourselves,
And the truth is not in us.

If we confess our sins,
God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins
And to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

If we say that we have not sinned,
We make Him a liar, and His word is not in us.

...Therefore let him who thinks he stands
Take heed lest he fall.

No temptation has overtaken you
Except such as is common to man.
But God is faithful.
He will not allow you to be tempted
Beyond what you are able,
But with the temptation
Will also make the way of escape,
That you may be able to bear it.
1 John 1.8-9; 1 Corinthians 10.12-13


1- Above the place where children play
A window opens, far away,
For God to hear the happy noise
Made by His little girls and boys.
"A Sussex Legend" by Charles Dalmon


2- Jesus said,
"Let the little children come to Me,
And do not forbid them;
For of such is the kingdom of heaven."
Matthew 6.27-30

3- I wonder why the grass is green,
And why the wind is never seen?
Who taught the birds to build a nest,
And told the trees to take a rest?

Who lights the stars when they blow out,
And makes the lightning flash about?
Who paints the rainbow in the sky,
And hangs the fluffy clouds so high?

Who is it now, do you suppose,
That Dad won't tell me, if he knows?
"I Wonder" by Jeannie Kirby


4- Great is the LORD,
And greatly to be praised.
His greatness is unsearchable!

One generation shall praise Your works to another,
And shall declare Your mighty acts.
Psalm 145.3-4

God says: "Forget Me not!

1- I know, blue-eyed Forget-Me-Not
Gleaming with dew at morn --
I know the place you come from
And the way that you were born!

When God cut holes in heaven --
The holes the stars look through --
He let the scraps fall down to earth.
The little scraps are you!
~ ~ ~
When to the flowers so beautiful
The Father gave a name,
Back came a little blue-eyed one
(All timidly it came);

And standing at the Father's feet,
And gazing at His glory,
The flower spoke in trembling tones,
And softly told its story:
"Dear God, the name Thou gavest me,
Alas! I have forgot."
Then kindly looked the Father down,
And said, "Forget Me Not."


2- {Jesus said}
Which of you by worrying
Can add one cubit unto his stature?
And why take ye thought for raiment?

Consider the flowers of the field, how they grow.
They toil not, neither do they spin:
And yet I say unto you,
That even Solomon in all his glory
Was not arrayed like one of these.

Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field,
Which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven,
Shall He not much more clothe you,
O ye of little faith?
Matthew 6.27-30

Your secret foe -- Revealed!

1- An enemy I had, whose name,
I stoutly strived in vain to know;
And always he did cause me pain,
Wherever I might go.

My plans he balked; my aims he foiled;
He blocked my every onward way.
When for some lofty goal I toiled,
He grimly said me Nay.

"Come forth!" I cried, "Lay bare thy guise!
Thy wretched features I would see."
Yet always to my straining eyes
He dwelt in mystery.

Until one night I held him fast,
The veil from off his form did draw;
I gazed upon his face at last --
And, Lo! Myself I saw.
"My Enemy" by Edwin L. Sabin


2- I find this law at work . . .
When I want to do good,
Evil is right there with me.

In my inner being I delight in God's law.
But I see
another law at work
In the members of my body --
Waging war against the law of my mind;
Making me a prisoner of
the law of sin
At work within my members.

What a wretched man I am!

Who will rescue me from this body of death?
Thanks be to God -- through Jesus Christ our Lord!
Romans 7.21-25a

Independence Day, 2004

1- Freedom is a hard-bought thing --
A gift no one can give,
For some, a way of dying,
For most, a way to live.

Freedom is a hard-bought thing --
A rifle in the hand,
The horses hitched at sunup,
A harvest in the land.

Freedom is a hard-bought thing --
A massacre, a bloody rout,
The candles lit at nightfall,
And the night shut out.

Freedom is a hard-bought thing --
A bullet in the back,
The wind in the long corn rows,
And hay in the rack.


2- Freedom is a way of living,
A song, a mighty cry,
Freedom is the bread we eat;
Let it be the way we die.
"Song of the Settlers" by Jessamyn West


3- The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon Me,
Because the LORD has anointed Me
To preach good tidings to the poor.

God has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to the captives,
And the opening of the prison to those who are bound.
Isaiah 61.1

Honeymoon 101:

"Avoiding foot-in-mouth disease"

He sat at the dinner table
With a discontented frown.
The potatoes and steak were underdone
And the bread was baked too brown.

The pie was too sour and the pudding too sweet,
And the roast was much too fat;
The soup so greasy, too, and salt,
'Twas hardly fit for the cat.

"I wish you could eat the bread and pie
I've seen my mother make.
They're simply great, and 'twould do you good
Just to sample a loaf of her cake."

Said the smiling wife, "I'll improve with age --
Just now I'm but a beginner;
But your mother has come to visit us,
And today she cooked the dinner."
"Just Like a Man" by John Keats


Do not be rash with your mouth...
For a dream comes through much activity,
And a fool's voice is known by his many words.
Ecclesiastes 5.2a, 5.3

Whoever guards his mouth and tongue
Keeps his soul from troubles.
Proverbs 21.23

He who guards his mouth preserves his life,
But he who opens wide his lips shall have destruction.
Proverbs 13.3

Birds never toss & turn at night -- do they?

1- Therefore I say to you, do not be anxious about your life,
What you will eat or what you will drink.
Neither should you worry about your body,
What you will put on.

Is not your life more than food and your body more than clothing?

Behold the birds of the air.
They neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns;
Yet your heavenly Father feeds them.

Are you not of more value than they?
Matthew 6.25-26

2- "To a Waterfowl" by William Cullen Bryant
Whither 'midst falling dew,
While glow the heavens with the last steps of day,
Far, through their rosy depths, dost thou pursue
Thy solitary way!

Vainly the hunter's eye
Might mark thy distant flight to do thee wrong,
As, darkly painted on the crimson sky,
Thy figure floats along.

Seek'st thou the plushy brink
Of weedy lake, or marge of river wide,
Or where the rocking billows rise and sink
On the chafed ocean side?

There is a Power whose care
Teaches thy way along that pathless coast, --
The desert and illimitable air, --
Lone wandering, but not lost.


3- All day thy wings have fanned,
At that far height, the cold, thin atmosphere,
Yet stoop not, weary, to the welcome land,
Though the dark night is near.

And soon that toil shall end;
Soon shalt thou find a summer home, and rest,
And scream among thy fellows; reeds shall bend,
Soon, o'er thy sheltered nest.

Thou'rt gone, the abyss of heaven
Hath swallowed up thy form; yet, on my heart
Deeply hath sunk The Lesson thou hath given,
And shall not soon depart.

God who, from zone to zone,
Guides through the boundless sky thy certain flight,
In the long way that I must tread alone,
Will lead my steps aright.

Marana Tha!

1- Blest pair of Sirens, pledges of Heaven's joy,
Sphere-born harmonious Sisters:
Voice and Verse!

Wed your divine sounds, and mixt power employ
Sweet Praise with inbreathed sense able to pierce,
And to our high-raised fantasy present
That undisturbéd Song of pure consent
Ay, sung before the sapphire-colored throne
To Him who sits thereon,
With saintly shout and solemn jubilee;

Where the bright Seraphim in burning row
Their loud uplifted angel-trumpets blow;
And the Cherubic host in thousand choirs
Touch their immortal harps of golden wires,
With those just Spirits that wear victorious palms,
Hymns devout and holy psalms,
Singing everlastingly.


2- Thus we on earth, with undiscordant voice
May rightly answer that melodious noise;
As once we did, till disproportioned sin
Jarred against Eden's chime, and with harsh din
Broke the fair music that all God's creatures made
To their great Lord, whose love their motion swayed
In perfect diapason, whilst they stood
In first obedience, and their state of good.

O may we soon again renew that Song,
And keep in tune with Heaven, till God ere long
To His celestial concert us unite,
To live with Him, and sing in endless morn of light!
"At a Solemn Music" by John Milton

3- After these things I looked, and behold,
A great multitude which no one could number,
Of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues,
Standing before the throne and before the Lamb,
Clothed with white robes,
With palm branches in their hands,
And crying out with a loud voice, saying,
"Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!"

All the angels stood around the throne
And the elders and the four living creatures,
And fell on their faces before the throne and worshiped God, saying:
"Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom,
Thanksgiving and honor and power and might,
Be to our God forever and ever.

Revelation 7.9-12


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