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Anointed for burial
From diapers to Depends
Away with FUD!
BEST Friend for Journey's End
Book of Life
Because He lives, You can face tomorrow

What else are friends for?

Anointed for burial
Poetry & Bible verses posted 10/13/2006

1 of 4- Word of God: Mark 14.3-4, 6, 8b-9
In Bethany at Simon the leper's house, as Jesus sat at the table, a woman came having an alabaster flask of very costly oil of spikenard. Then she broke the flask and poured it on His head.

But there were some who were indignant among themselves, and said, "Why was this fragrant oil wasted?"

...But Jesus said, "Let her alone. Why do you trouble her? She has done a good work for Me. ...She has come beforehand to anoint My body for burial. Assuredly, I say to you, wherever this gospel is preached in the whole world, what this woman has done will also be told as a memorial to her."

2 of 4- "The Alabaster Box" by H.K.Pywell
She anointed Him with spikenard.
His feet she washed with tears.
She knelt before Him, broken,
'Til He allayed her fears.

"What a waste of costly ointment!"
The corrupt disciple said.

Nay! What she did, she did in love,
Remember when I'm dead.
For I shall rise again, dear friends,
And I shall conquer death.
But this is for my burial,
And done while I have breath.
My feet she washed with tears
And she wiped them with her hair.
What she did will be related
With the Gospel everywhere!

3 of 4-Now, many Christians suffered
At the hands of wicked men,
With agonies unspeakable
Why should it be so, then,
That this woman who did cry
And wash our dear Lord's feet
Should be spoken of so widely?
Is this not indiscreet?

Here then, is that great secret
Of the alabaster box.
(And what a revelation
That one small key unlocks.)

The King sat at the table,
The Song of Solomon said.
His bride caused smell of spikenard
To rise there while He fed.


4 of 4-
And Christ the Lord, He sat at meat
In that poor leper's house.
The woman humbled at His feet,
In figure, was His spouse.
The parallel is clear at once,
The shadow we can see.
The bride of our Lord Jesus Christ
Is none but you and me.

The sober lesson we must learn
In parallel complete;
The whore became the bride, my friend,
By crying at His feet.

From diapers to Depends®
Poetry & Bible verses posted 9/23/2006

1 of 4- "The River of Life" by Thomas Campbell
The more we live, more brief appear
Our life's succeeding stages:
A day to children seems a year
And years like passing ages.

The gladsome current of our youth,
Ere passion yet disorders,
Steals lingering like a river smooth
Along its grassy borders.

But as the careworn cheek grows wan,
And sorrow's shafts fly thicker,
Ye stars, that measure life to man,
Why seem your courses quicker? -->


2 of 4-
When joys have lost their bloom and breath
And life itself is vapid,
Why, as we reach the Falls of Death,
Feel we its tide more rapid?

It may be strange -- yet who would change
Time's course to slower speeding,
When one by one our friends have gone
And left our bosoms bleeding?

Heaven gives our years of fading strength
Indemnifying fleetness;
And those of youth a seeming length,
Proportioned to their sweetness.

3 of 4- Ecclesiates 12.1-4, 12.6-7
Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth,
Before the difficult days come,
And the years draw near when you say,
"I have no pleasure in them":

While the sun and the light,
The moon and the stars,
Are not darkened,
And the clouds do not return after the rain;

In the day when the keepers of the house tremble,
And the strong men bow down;
When the grinders cease because they are few,
And those that look through the windows grow dim;


4 of 4-When the doors are shut in the streets,
And the sound of grinding is low;
When one rises up at the sound of a bird,
And all the daughters of music are brought low;

Remember your Creator
Before the silver cord is loosed,
Or the golden bowl is broken,
Or the pitcher shattered at the fountain,
Or the wheel broken at the well.

Then the dust will return to the earth as it was,
And the spirit will return to God who gave it.

Away with FUD!

I have closed the door on Fear,
Fear has lived with me far too long,
If Fear were to break forth and reappear,
I would lift up my eyes and look at the sky,
And sing aloud, and run lightly by;
Fear will never follow a song.


God has not given us a spirit of fear,
But of power and of love and of a sound mind.

2 Tim 1.7

I have closed the door on Gloom,
Gloom's house has too narrow a view;
I must seek for my soul a wider room
With windows to open and let in the sun,
And radiant lamps when the day is done,
And the light of God's love shining through.


Jesus said: I am the light of the world.
He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, But have the light of life.
John 8.12

I have closed the door on Doubt,
I will walk by God's light in my mind,
And hold up my hands and reach them out,
To the glory of God in the dark and call --
I am Thine, though I grope and stumble and fall,
I serve, and Thy service is kind.

"Closing the Doors" by Irene P. McKeehan


...He who doubts is like a wave of the sea
Driven and tossed by the wind.
...This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.

Jam 1.6b, 1 John 5.4b

BEST Friend for Journey's End

1-When all the world is young, lad,
And all the trees are green;
And every goose a swan, lad,
And every lass a queen;
Then hey for boot and horse, lad,
And round the world away;
Young blood must have its course, lad,
And every dog his day.

When all the world is old, lad,
And all the trees are brown;
And all the sport is stale, lad,
And all the wheels run down;
Creep home, and take your place there,
The spent and maimed among:
God grant you find one face there,
You loved when all was young.
"Young and Old" by Charles Kingsley



A man who has friends
Must himself be friendly,
But there is
one *Friend*
Who sticks closer than a brother.

Remember now your Creator
In the days of your youth,
Before the difficult days come,
And the years draw near when you say,
"I have no pleasure in them."

Proverbs 18.24; Ecclesiastes 12.2

Book of Life

When I am tired, the Bible is my bed;
Or in the dark, the Bible is my light;
When I am hungry, it is my vital bread;
Or fearful, it is my armor for the fight.
If I am cold, The Bible is my fire;
My wings, when flying I desire.

We search the world for truth. We cull
The good, the true, the beautiful,
From graven stone, and written scroll,
And all old flower-fields of the soul;
And, weary-seekers of the best,
We come back laden from our quest,
To find that all the sages said
Is in the book our mothers read.
"The Bible" by John Greenleaf Whittier


The law of the LORD is perfect,
Converting the soul.
The testimony of the LORD is sure,
Making wise the simple.
The statutes of the LORD are right,
Rejoicing the heart.
The commandment of the LORD is pure,
Enlightening the eyes.
The fear of the LORD is clean,
Enduring forever.
The judgments of the LORD are true
And righteous altogether.
More to be desired are they than gold,
Yea, than much fine gold.
Sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb!
Moreover by them Your servant is warned,
And in keeping them there is great reward.
Psalm 19.7-11

Because He lives, You can face tomorrow

Easter lilies! Can you hear
What they whisper, low and clear?

In dewy fragrence they unfold
Their splendor sweet, their snow and gold.
Every beauty-breathing bell
News of Heaven has to tell.

Listen to their mystic voice,
Hear, oh mortal, and rejoice!
Hark, their soft and heavenly chime!
Christ is risen for all time!

"On Easter Day" by Celia Thaxter


Now Christ is risen from the dead,
And has become the firstfruits
Of those who have fallen asleep.
For since by man came death,
By Man also came
The resurrection of the dead.

For as in Adam all die,
Even so in Christ all shall be made alive!
But each one in his own order:
Christ the firstfruits,
Afterward those who are Christ's
At His coming.
1 Corinthians 15.20-23

What else are friends for?

When you're weary and worn at the close of day
And things just don't seem to be going your way,
When even your patience has come to an end,
Try taking time out to confide in a friend.

Perhaps she too may have walked the same road
With a much troubled heart and burdensome load,
To find peace and comfort somewhere near the end,
When she stopped long enough to confide in a friend.

For then are most welcome a few words of cheer,
From someone who lovingly lends you an ear,
Few troubles exist that love cannot mend,
So to get quick relief, just confide in a friend.
"Confide in a Friend" - Author Unknown


Bear one another's burdens,
And so fulfill the law of Christ.

Rejoice with those who rejoice,
And weep with those who weep.

Confess your trespasses to one another,
And pray for one another,
That you may be healed.

Gal 6.2, Rom 12.15, James 5.16a


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