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August 2009

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Vesta writes - My home is on the verge of divorce. This is a second marriage and my husband does not tolerate my children at all. He is rude, very hateful,and doesn't care how he talks to them especially my 5 year old grandson. When I get to see him I have to keep him on the porch.

I cannot accept this any longer. I am a Christian. I go to church every Sunday, played piano for 30 years in same church. I hate to fail again. I try to reason with him & give in to him, but nothing is working.

Please pray for me,
R P writes - Please help me pray for my son Robert , 23 year old, college graduate, problem with alcohol. He is now in trouble with the law. Please help me pray!

Murdeth writes - Greetings in Jesus' Name.

I just wanted to tell you that I was really blessed upon reading the teachings on the Feast of the Tabernacle, on your site.

God Bless you.

G writes - Please join me in praying for the salvation of Tabitha (a pseudonym) for whom I have prayed for nine years.

Thank you.
Lawrence writes - My name is Lawrence C. Please pray that I might be blessed with a job that makes a significant amount of income.

The doctor told me that I had nerve damage in both of my feet and I have a touch of arthritis and scoliosis in my neck and back. I am not claiming this and I am constantly praising and thanking God in advance for my healing.

Please pray for my wife that she will continue to be blesses and prosperous in all that she does.

Please pray for my mother's health. She hurt a lot in her back and legs.
The doctor told her that she has acid reflux and she also has problem with
her eyes. I am praying and believing for healing and restoration.

Please pray for my sister Sylinda S. The doctor told her that she has
Lupus and arthritis. The kind of Lupus she has is the kind that affects
her skin. She has been having severe health issues for some years. Her
health has made some improvements. I believe that if Jesus can raise the dead, what can He not do?

Pray for my sister's two sons. There names are Quingerious and Dwayne.
Pray that they will stay covered under the blood, finish school and be
successful young men in the Lord.

please pray for TOORAN... she is so ill ...she is in a  coma

I  am graduated in Christian theology and I   have served as a  preacher and  pastor   in churches for many years and  I  retired several years ago ... and  I  am now 77  years old  . Please pray for me with all your heart and soul  and ask our Heavenly Father to anoint me once again and use me once again as  a  preacher  and pastor  to   become a  more effective body of Christ in the changing world we serve.
Thank you for your powerful and effective  prayers.
Peter  H
Rebecca writes - I googled God's help with making decisions - and it led me to your site. I have a very difficult decision ahead in the coming days, weeks, months of whether or not to continue in my marriage (he was unfaithful for over two years with the same person). I have tried to stay for almost two years only to find out he is still being dishonest.

I just mainly wanted to thank you for the insight you offered and the stories - the Marcella one really hit home. I know that's what happened with them.

We have a home and a child together - who will be 5 in November - and I really wanted to make things work for his sake if nobody else's. My husband is not willing to go to church, or counseling of any kind and I believe that's the only thing that could save us.

Thank you and I hope that your health situation improves very soon - you have a great gift and you certainly helped me.

K A writes - Several things I am asking for prayer for-

  • Our financial situation and that God may increase my territory to share my business of hope with others
  • My husband's health and his alcohol addiction
  • My weight which has gotten out of control
  • Our daughter as she begins first grade
  • My father Don Williams who is poor health, and my mother Helen who cares for him

Thank you

J F writes - Pray for a good night's sleep in the Lord with no bad dreams. I've had bad dreams lately. Pray the Lord will give the interpretation.

Pray that my income tax returns will not be audited. The IRS is oppressive to me.

Pray for my bad teeth & gums be healed and a means for paying for it. The cost is very high & I'm retired on a fixed income. I petitioned the VA for help but got turned down.

Pray for a home business for retirement income.

Pray for peace of mind for my son & daughter-in-law.

Rebuke satan from my life in the name of Jesus by His word, blood & water.

Pray for my riding lawn mower broken down, needs repair or a new one.

Thank you for your prayers.
Geo writes - Hi brothers and Sisters,

Urgent prayer for my wife Sherin. We have the cutest little baby girl (soon
to be on 3). She needs to be a better mother but since she is in a lot of pain because of the first time and the anxiety.

Please pray for all that God will work a miracle in our lives. We both need salvation and that while she is in that city that she will take care of our daughter.
L Y writes - Once again Beth is back home. Her attitude has changed since she was last home to a more positive one with us. This is a praise and blessing that we have also been praying for.

She is still involved with the man that is still on drugs and possibly involved in witchcraft still. We would like prayers for the veil that is hiding the truth to be removed fully and the truth is known to all.

She claims she is at least home until she has the baby which should be around January. Please keep her committed to stay true to her word. I also would like hard and heavy prayers for her to stop lying to herself about being fully back with God. She is not and needs to see this so she will really start seeking God fully again.

Give us the communication she needs to hear and not turn her away from us, God's loving and understanding for all involved.

Mary Helen writes - Please keep my nephew Stephen (age 26) in prayer.  He has broken off with his girlfriend Jeanette (age 23) on and off and is going with this wild girl Denise (age 22).  He has a baby boy named Stephen Isaac (soon to be 2 years of age) and she is not a good mother.  She needs God to teach her to be a good mother and she needs to be born-again. She also needs therapy because she abuses my nephew Stephen.  They both abuse each other.  He has been exercising too much, not eating and taking those coffee peels to stop thinking of his situation.  He needs Divine intervention.


I need urgent prayer for myself.  I support an extended family consisting of adult nephews and nieces that do not pay any room or board.  They take advantage of me and laugh at me behind my back and curse at me.  I want the Lord to make me strong to stand up to them in the Lord and that God will give them the fear of God in their lives for their mistreatment of me.  Please also pray that I will be able to get rid of all the 3 puppies that we acquired.  My 34 year old nephew wants to keep one and I have to clean after them.  Please also keep praying that an excellent moving opportunity will present itself for my two nephews Daniel (age 31) and David (age 33) to move out of my home permanently and that they will leave on good terms.  They pay me nothing for living there but have use of the water, light, gas, TV, washer/dryer and room and board.

I pray that God will find deliverance for me and make me a stronger person to say no.  This was originally my mother's house and it's in my name but they do not feel it belongs to me.  Technically they still see it as my mother's house.  She is 90 years of age and she needs to gain weight and walk again from the hip fracture she had back in January of 2009.

I need a financial miracle and prayer for my friend Robert to find a place to live.  He has to move out of his place by the end of July.  He needs our prayers.

My sister Elizabeth to buy a used good transportation car for her job which is up North.  She found a place to live.

My nephew Stephen to be a Godly dad, to support his 2-year old boy Stephen Isaac, to break ties with this very wild girl named Denise, to get a full-time job, to move out on his own, to make amends with his ex-girlfriend Jeanette and Jeanette to find the Lord since she wants to move to another City with her baby.  My nephew seems very confused and caught up with his sexual ties with this woman.  God needs to unmask Satan in front of his eyes.  He is a backslider and Jeanette needs to see how the world really is evil and to be a good mom and watchful mom over her son.


Urgent prayers:  My nephew's ex-girlfriend Jeanette is moving to another city (2-1/2 hrs. away) from us and taking their 2-year old boy Stephen Isaac.  She met a young man about age 24 in a nightclub and he lives in the same area.  Please pray that her and my nephew Stephen will work things out because of their baby and make things right with each other and get saved and dedicated to the Lord and pray that she will not get involved with another man who might not be saved and expose her son to him.

Also pray that she will come back to our area and that we will see the baby often.  She lost her job, she lost her apartment, she lost my nephew and she got drunk and totaled her car and got a DUI.  She is a mess right now.  Pray that she will be a good mother to her baby.  She needs to look after him more carefully and she doesn't.

Please pray for the baby's safety and that the baby will live a long and healthy and satisfying life and that he will fulfill the promises of God in his lifetime.  Pray for his mother Jeanette (age 23) and his father Stephen (age 26) that they will be Godly parents and come to the Lord and that my nephew Stephen get a full-time job with good benefits and good pay and that his friend Rio who has a weed shop will not have that much business that business will slow down so that my nephew can look for a full-time job to support his child and put him on medical insurance and that he will break off his sexual relationship with this girl named Denise and that Stephen get saved.  We need Divine intervention in this area.


My nephews David who lives with me (age 33 soon to be 34) and my niece Stephanie who is visiting from up North (age 28) were very abusive and disrespectful towards me yesterday.  They cursed at me and their mother (my sister Elizabeth) is filled with a lot of hatred towards us and her siblings.  She has poisoned them all towards us.  I have 5 of her children here.  I want for God to find my sister a good transportation car and a good man in her life so that she will go on with her life.  I also do not want her staying her at my home.  That God will provide a home for her so that she will not have the desire to stay with us and that God will put road blocks from staying here.

That my niece Stephanie will live and go back and live with my brother up North and that she will never have an extended stay with us again.  Prayer that God remove my nephew David (age 33) from my home and find him a place to stay and a full-time job and a woman in his life so that he can live his own life and not live on what his mother tells him.

Prayer for my other nephew Daniel (age 31) to move out of my home.  He said he would take even more advantage of me since his mother said we mistreat her.  He does not pay me for room or board.  That God will miraculously move both of my nephews David and Daniel out and that they will both find an apartment to live together and that when their mother is visiting, she will stay with them and not here and that at the right time, I will sell my home at God's timing so that I can get rid of my nephews and my sister Elizabeth's ongoing remarks filled with hatred and envy.  That God will give me the insight when to do it.

Prayer for my 90-year old mother to gain weight.  We feed her but she never gains weight.  That God will do a miracle in my finances and find me another home-based business to do me financially successful so that I can move out of my area.  That God will protect me from my nephews and nieces who will try to do me harm.  I ask this in Your precious name.  Amen

Prayer for my niece Veronica to get medical coverage so that she can get her gastric bypass surgery and to get a full-time job with benefits so that she can go to school and move out on her own.

I urgently ask that God remove David, Daniel, and Stephanie out of my home and that Elizabeth will not have a desire to come to my home.  I ask this in Your precious name and that they will leave on amicable terms.  Amen

B N writes - Please pray for my unhappy marriage and unbearable in-laws.
Mary Helen writes - Urgent prayer for my nephew Stephen (soon to be 26).  He broke up with his girlfriend Jeanette (age 23). They both have the cutest little baby boy named Stephen Isaac (soon to be 2).  She is moving to another city with her cousin.

She needs to be a better mother but since she is in a lot of pain because my nephew is going with a girl named Denise who happens to be very loose.  Please pray that that relationship with Denise will break off and that he will not miss her sexually or emotionally and that a miracle will occur in the relationship with Jeanette and they both will get counseling because of the their baby.  That God will work a miracle in their lives.

They both need salvation and that while she is in that city that she will take care of her son.  And when she decides to come back she will have a place to live and that Stephen will help her and that he will visit her while she is in that city. 
Deirdre and Monica write - We request prayer for DEIRDRE and MONICA -- for healing [physical, emotional and spiritual] and for guidance and strength.

Many thanks,
God bless,

Deirdre and Monica 
Fabian writes - Hi brother and sisters in Christ! I'm requesting a prayer for my unsaved wife Yuli, that God will send His Holy Spirit into her life to call her to minister to her in a special way that only God knows how. That God will tear down any strongholds that the enemy has built in her life, tear down walls of lies deceptions, and the chains of evil spirits that holds her captive and bondage to sin. Please pray for liberty in Jesus name.

Please pray also for our marriage and our love to grow for one another that there will peace and harmony in Jesus Christ, pray for healing of past wounds and protection and blessings for our lives.

thank you!
Natalie writes - I am having trouble with an acquaintance who has turned nasty. She has always been controlling, to the point where it was spiritually
repressive. We no longer live in her property, but now she is intent on
still creating more drama.

Please pray that God's peace and love would overshadow the divisive nature of the enemy in all of our relationships.

Thank you,
Brandon writes - Hi, I just moved to LA. It's a Godless city with much temptation. I'm staying with my brother who is a homosexual. I need to meet Godly men and women here.

Also, I have an ex-fiancee. Please pray God will be in charge of our lives and the decisions we make, especially as to whether we get back together or not.

I'm scared and lonely right now, ask Jesus to guard me.
This page covers Prayer Needs for prior days in August 2009.
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