How to Get Rid of Your Pastor

But seriously folks...

A Pastor's job is tougher than most Christians can imagine. One of the greatest services you can do for God is to minister to your Pastor and his family. Here are some suggestions as to how you can do so:

  • When Pastor preaches a good sermon, compliment him. Don't merely say, as most folks do, "Nice preaching, Pastor." Instead, remember some specific point he spoke on and tell him how it helped you. Then he will know you REALLY listened.
  • When Pastor discusses a Bible verse during a sermon, TURN to that verse in your Bible. Pastors love the sound of people flipping pages.
  • When Pastor makes a really good point, make a written note of it. Believe me, Pastors NOTICE when you do that, and it really makes them glow inside.
  • If Pastor asks for a verbal response from the congregation, don't just sit there like a lump while silence reigns supreme. Respond!
  • For goodness sakes, sit in the front rows of the church!
  • If a church usher or someone like that is absent or late, stand up and do the job. Don't wait to be asked.
  • If your church doesn't already provide a home (parsonage) for the Pastor, and they start talking about buying one, vote AGAINST it. When a Pastor retires, he can't keep living in a parsonage. He will need his own home. Every Pastor should receive a monetary housing allowance, as generous as the church can make it. That way he might one day be able to afford a home of his own. Churches that build parsonages are being unwittingly selfish.
  • Give "secret" money to your Pastor at least once a year, perhaps at Christmas. To give a secret gift, buy a cashier's check at your bank, put it in an envelope with Pastor's name on it, and sneak it into the offering plate. Only you and God should know where it came from. God ADORES sneaky givers!
  • If anyone talks "stink" about your Pastor, make it immediately and clearly obvious that you are offended. If the Pastor needs help or correction, he should be told IN LOVE to his face. Otherwise, folks should keep their traps shut!

Most of all, pray for your Pastor daily, and let him know you are doing so.

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