Psychological Warfare by Terrorist Organizations

Within America, the protests and demonstrations against our War on Terrorism have begun.

On America's streets and campuses, organized demonstrations already are seeking to subvert and defeat America's will to carry out its campaign to eliminate worldwide terrorism.

Protesters against the war on terrorism are being increasingly publicized and interviewed by news media.

When you see or hear these newscasts, notice that the protesters' allegations and slogans often bear a striking similarity to the anti-American propaganda of terrorist organizations.

On recent newscasts protesters have falsely alleged such things as the following...

  • America's goal is to destroy Islam
  • America is intent on bombing innocent civilians
  • The attack on the Twin Towers was a conspiracy between the governments of Britain, Israel, and America
  • Any attempt to defeat terrorism will cause America's downfall
  • America's best recourse is to negotiate with the terrorists and agree to their demands.
Instigation of mob demonstrations is a standard psychological warfare tool of terrorists.

It is a "given" that terrorist organizations will take full advantage of America's open society and freedom of speech so as to stage protests, with the goal of undermining our will to defend ourselves.

The overwhelming majority of Americans support our nation's efforts to eliminate terrorism. However these folks are at home or at work, whereas demonstrators are out parading on the streets, waving signs around, chanting, shouting, clashing with police.

Demonstrators make for exciting news. Everyday folks do not.

Accordingly, we can expect news organizations to report on these demonstrations and protests. They SHOULD do so...

  • News is news, and it is their job to report it.
  • However, we should expect America's news organizations to ensure that they do not allow themselves to become unwitting tools of anti-American propaganda.

In days to come, when you see or hear a newscast coverning demonstrations against the war on terrorism, you might want to ask yourself the following two questions...

  • Does the newscast report carefully-researched information as to the accuracy or inaccuracy of protesters' allegations, rather than allowing distortions of the facts, or outright lies, to go unchallenged?
  • Does the newscast provide "dimension" to the number of protesters, by reporting on polls that reveal the proportion of Americans who DO support the nation's war on terrorism?
If a specific newscast seems slanted, SPEAK OUT! Contact the news media by phone, letter, or e-mail. Let them know YOUR opinion!






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