Testimony of Charles N.W.

It's a wonderful feeling when I read a testimony that is like what happened in my life. I was a drug user and was so lost in my sins. My wife and I had lost everything. I tried to kill myself many times, but God had other plans for me. My addiction was crystal meth and I was using a needle.

Well I went to prison for about 3 years and this became the best thing in my life. It was there that I gave my life to Jesus. My wife gave her life, also, while I was away. While in prison I wrote many stories, poems and songs which I have now recorded.

My songs are to the Lord. They tell of my testimony and how I was so blessed by just opening my heart to the word of God.

While in prison I had lots of time in the woods, cutting down trees and talking to the Lord. I also listened and learned many things.

My addictions have never come back and now the Lord has given me a new chance at life. I'm going to college and working to get my Microsoft engineering degree. God has been so faithful to both me and my wife.

I just wanted to Praise Him with you. Here is one of my songs. I wrote this to my father after he died 5 months ago. I was blessed to spend 7 days with him and was there to see him also give his life to Jesus on his last day. Praise God.

Our Daddy
Daddy didn't care how you played your guitar.
He loved you anyway.
My daddy didn't care if I shot that deer
He loved me anyway.

Our daddy is now in heaven with God above.
The Holy Spirit was with him,
The last days of his life, I say the last days of his life.
That's our daddy.
I spent some time with him on his bed, he was our daddy.
He was hurting and we knew where he was going,
He's going to heaven our daddy. He has a heart of gold.

Our daddy taught me all about fishing, fishing. We love fishing.
The big ones in the lake. I caught all my life. Because of our daddy.
Trout as big as your arm. A brown trout in the rivers.
Our daddy told me. They were behind the rock and bushes in the river we fished.

That's our daddy,and I cry for my daddy.
The last days of his life were so special.
We felt God's Spirit. We felt the Love of Jesus.
That's my daddy. I Love you daddy, I love you daddy.
You're in heaven, with the Father and Jesus Christ.
The Father, Son our Jesus Christ.
The Father, Son the Jesus Christ.

Our daddy's mother, my grandfather, and his fathers.
They're all in heaven. We can't wait daddy, for Jesus to return.
We will be there soon daddy.
You were young but, you had fifteen years of life,
without working, Oh what a life. Because you are our daddy.
Come on daddy, I know you hear this song.
It's a song of love. A love that we shared as son and daddy.
I know that was for our daddy.

Norman K W, a military man, a fisherman, a hunting man.
A loving man. He loved his wife, yes he loved his wife.
Our daddy loved his wife, he loved his life, he loved his children.
He loved his car, our daddy loved his cars.
A Chevy, a Ford, a Mercedes Benz. Daddy worked on all of them.
Our daddy worked on all of them. He worked on them all.
That's our daddy ya. We know he's in heaven.
He's in heaven with God, right now.
We will be there soon father, Our daddy.
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Now I'm crying not from pain but being lifted up.
I'm crying not from pain, but being lifted up. By Our Daddy.
Jesus Christ was there on the side of the bed we shared.
His life could not be spared. Because he was a Christian man.
And he is a Christian man too. And I know Jesus was there too.
Because our daddy told me about Jesus.
And I have faith in Jesus. Daddy had faith in Jesus.
Do you think daddy had faith in Jesus?
I know our daddy had faith in Jesus.
A special faith. With a little rock and roll.

You know, we are all sinners. And heaven is where we can go.
Just believe in Jesus Christ, like our daddy. Like Our Daddy.
Because this song is for you daddy. This love is for you.
Maybe some day our dreams will come true.
Maybe from this song daddy. This song that I wrote.
This song that just came out of my heart.
This song that has a special Spirit. Jesus Christ Was There.
Do you know that Jesus Christ was there?
I know Jesus Christ was there. For my daddy, we love you daddy
You know Jesus Christ was there.

I hope I didn't bore you with such a long testimony and song. May God bless you with all His glory and grace. I know He has blessed me.


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